Before you can actually start installing an above-ground pool, you need to go to your local city/county and get the proper paper work and necessary permits to allow for it. This doesn’t sound as much of a daunting task as it sounds. You can simply call your local permit office or visit their website and reach them there. If you’re still unsure about the process, your local pool provider should be able to help you with it.


Site leveling

Once you have your desired pool picked out, know the size, and get the permits you can start the leveling process. The layout of your pool will be marked in your backyard and if you plan to have the pool framed with a deck the yard will also be leveled for that as well. You want to make sure the ground is level in order to keep the pool structure strong and even. After the dirt is leveled, the workers will spread a layer of sand to provide a firm base for the pool and to keep the ground soft under the liner not to puncture a hole.



Framing the Pool

Once the ground has been properly prepared, the workers will begin to assemble and secure the walls of the pool. Backings might be included for extra solidness in the pool structure. Next, extra framing or decking for the pool deck will be added. Depending on the size of the deck you would like depend on how much framing is needed. If you want a surrounding deck or partial deck depends on your budget and wants. Same goes with any walkway zones will be finished at this point. Position of pipes and electrical frameworks will then be figured out in order to keep the gear away from the entrance to the pool and out of any potential harm.

pool framing


Finishing the Pool

After all the framing and structural work is done. The vinyl pool liner is now ready to placed and installed carefully into the correct position. After the vinyl pool liner is installed and secured the pool will then be filled with water. During the filling of the pool you want to make sure there are not air pockets and wrinkles in the liner and they should be smoothed out. It is recommended to order the water from a local supplier has running it from your hose will take a long time and can get somewhat costly. Any remaining work that needs to be done to the deck, electrical work, water filtration and cleaning, ladders, and walkways can be completed at this stage.


Pool Fencing

Sounds places require fencing around the pool, it all depends on your permit. It is always recommended to have fencing that can be locked in order to prevent younger children and neighbors from sneaking into the pool and possibly drowning while unadvised. You should also place safety signage around the pool. Electrical signage around the electric parts to keep people safe.


Pool Accessories

The main part of the pool should be done at this point. Now you just need to create a great atmosphere and environment around your pool. Pool loungers, fire pits, BBQ grills, and any outdoor furniture. You’ll also want some fun stuff to play in the pool with. Pool noodles, floats, beach balls, squirt guns, volleyballs, diving toys, etc. And to top of your pool experience, lighting around the outside of the pool in order to swim in the evening and at night.


Above Ground Pool Installation