Are you in need of quality pool service? Chances are you’re doing your service research right now! From small, private services to major companies, there are some things that most pool services might not tell. That is why we’re here to help you find out.

Here are three things pool service companies don’t tell you.


Chance of Skipping Pool Cleaning

The more pool work your service tech has on their schedule, the more of a chance they are to skip your pool. Many pool techs will often skip their account to make up for lost time with another client. As pool service companies are in the middle of their growing stage, they often find themselves overwhelmed with not enough employees to accommodate their clients.

However, you don’t have to assume that a tech skipped your home. Always be sure to give them a benefit of the doubt. If you find that your pool cleaning service was overlooked, be sure to ask the service for a drop-by ticket. A reputable company will leave tickets on your door to show the details of their visit, chemicals used, and services they provided.

Charge More for Chemicals

While a majority of pool service companies charge a flat rate for their services and equipment, some companies tend to charge for extra chemicals used. Service charges will increase during the seasons. However, this is something you must inquire about beforehand. You don’t have to pay extra for chlorine or acid. However, if the service is using a special chemical with your knowledge, it should be expected.

Used Parts

One of the main sources of income for pool companies are the repairs. Just as with other services, pool companies get their parts for cheaper than you would buy them. This allows them to charge you more for their time during your repair. It is important to be aware of dishonest repair techs who want to use second-hand parts instead of new parts. Be sure to check our equipment before it gets installed.


Be sure to check if your pool service company has the proper license. Talk to your pool tech to ensure that they are licensed for the repairs and services you need.



3 Things Pool Service Companies Don’t Tell You